"The legacy of gay men is one of post-traumatic growth. A choice not to attempt to put their lives back together as they once were, but rather to embrace their broken parts and build anew, reframing their stories not as victims but heroes. 'The choice,' writes Andriote, 'ultimately comes down to the story we tell ourselves about our suffering.' Through his own personal experiences, Andriote tells a much larger story of a societal transformation marked by historic psychological resilience in the face of antigay stigma, discrimination, and outright hatred. It is a story that will inspire any reader, regardless of their sexual orientation."

Claire Nana, Psych Central


"Stonewall Strong is a tour de force, interweaving John-Manuel Andriote's personal journey with a trenchant analysis of societal transformation. He recounts the harrowing early days of the recognition of the devastation of AIDS, his responses to becoming HIV-infected, while insightfully telling the parallel narrative of the evolution of the LGBT community, from pre-Liberation, to crisis management and beyond. He skillfully educates the reader how the lessons learned from addressing the epidemic have laid the foundations for a stronger, more resilient community. The book is well-written, compelling, and highly informative."

— Kenneth Mayer, MD, Infectious Disease Attending and Director of HIV Prevention Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Medical Research Director,The Fenway Institute



"As John-Manuel Andriote writes about himself, he tells, in bits and pieces, the story of us all. How the LGBTQ community refuse to lay down and die (literally) and fought back with resilience for our place in the American society and how we did not go "quietly into the night." Andriote's book, Stonewall Strong, is truth telling at its best!"

— Rev. Elder Troy D. Perry, founder, Metropolitan Community Churches



"Andriote skillfully integrates history and science with compelling personal stories -- his own and those of the many people he interviewed -- to create a highly readable narrative of men’s resilience and thriving in the face of antigay stigma and the HIV epidemic. Stonewall Strong will inform and inspire readers of all sexual orientations and genders."

— Gregory M. Herek, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis; Author of the blog Beyond Homophobia (


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